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The Marlow Murder Club

The Marlow Murder Club follows the crime-solving adventures of an eccentric seventysomething in the town of Marlow, England. She lives in an inherited, slightly disheveled mansion on the Thames, setting crossword puzzles for The Times to help fill her time. When one of her neighbours is murdered, she teams up with a dogwalker and the wife of the local vicar to get to the bottom of things.

The series is written by Robert Thorogood, best known as the creator of the popular and long-running British crime series Death in Paradise.

Memorable Quotes from The Marlow Murder Club…

  • “We’ve got one thing going for us, haven’t we?” “What’s that?” “We’re invisible.” “How do you mean?” “It’s like I said. We’re ‘older’ women, aren’t we? No one notices women over the age of about forty.”
  • If she had one piece of advice she’d give her younger self, it would be: don’t get old.

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