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The Thursday Murder Club

In the peaceful Cooper’s Chase retirement community in southeastern England, four friends come together each week for a meeting of the Thursday Murder Club – a group that discusses unsolved crimes. It seems like a bit of harmless fun to keep their minds active, but that will soon change…

When a local developer is found murdered and in possession of a mysterious photograph, they’ll find themselves up close and personal with a very real, very current homicide investigation. Will their combined skills be enough to solve the murder before too many more bodies pile up?

This book introduces us to a colourful cast of characters that includes…

  • Joyce Meadowcroft – A former nurse and frequent narrator of the book. She is a member of the Thursday Murder Club.
  • Elizabeth – The founder of the Thursday Murder Club – and a woman with an intriguing past
  • Stephen – Elizabeth’s third and current husband, who is suffering from dementia
  • Ibrahim – A former psychiatrist and current member of the Thursday Murder Club
  • Ron Ritchie – A former union leader and current member of the Thursday Murder Club
  • Donna De Freitas – A police officer who is (benevolently) used by the members of the Thursday Murder Club
  • Bogdan Jankowsi – A Polish immigrant who works in construction and has all sorts of interesting talents

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