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Death Comes to Marlow

Judith, Suzie, and Becks make a thrilling comeback in this second installment of the Marlow Murder Club series, crafted by the man behind the popular British television show, Death in Paradise.

The trio has been relishing a peaceful and murder-free period since last year’s incidents. The most exciting event on the horizon is the impending nuptials of Marlow’s eminent figure, Sir Peter Bailey, and his nurse, Jenny Page. A lavish party is scheduled at Sir Peter’s riverside mansion on the eve of their wedding, and Judith and her companions are eager to indulge in a bit of free champagne.

The celebration takes a grim turn when a sudden crash echoes throughout the mansion. The Marlow Murder Club hastily assembles to uncover the source, only to find the future groom lifeless in his study.

The study’s door was securely locked from the inside, prompting the police to dismiss any foul play. Yet, Judith is unconvinced. She firmly believes that Peter has been murdered! Now, it’s up to the Marlow Murder Club to track down the culprit and prevent another tragedy…

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