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The Huntingfield Paintress

Loosely based on the real-life account of Mildred Holland and the parish church in Huntingfield, Suffolk, this historical novel is set in the Victorian era and weaves the tale of Mildred Holland, a woman who happily indulged in eight years of travel across Europe alongside her vicar husband.

Sadly, the life she leads in her husband’s rural Suffolk parish feels leagues apart from her past adventures. The absence of a much-desired child plummets her into a pit of despair. Trapped within the societal norms of the time, what avenues are available for an intelligent and imaginative woman?

A serendipitous encounter, however, kindles the dormant flames of Mildred’s inventive spirit. Armed with resolve and determination, she undertakes a colossal endeavor. Despite the loving frustration of her husband and the suspicious glances of locals—who question whether she possesses otherworldly abilities—Mildred rekindles her lost passions and slowly starts to embrace life once more . . .

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