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The Séance

After the death of her sister, Constance is left to navigate her family’s murky history and the specter of grief hanging over her family. She is drawn into a world of séances and spiritualism as she seeks connection with her departed sister.

Unexpectedly, she inherits a dilapidated mansion from a distant relative, and this inheritance propels her into the unravelling of dark, interwoven family secrets and the eerie occurrences within the mansion. The decrepit estate, Wraxford Hall, is reputedly haunted and has been the site of several unexplained disappearances, adding layers of intrigue and terror to Constance’s quest.

Constance’s pursuit of truth is fraught with psychological tension, chilling revelations, and supernatural elements, emblematic of the Gothic genre. Harwood masterfully intertwines themes of loss, identity, and the uncanny, crafting a narrative that is as atmospheric as it is suspenseful. The novel unfolds with a complex, intricate plot, exploring the boundaries between perception and reality, and the inexorable pull of the unknown.


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