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The Butterfly Room

As she nears her seventieth year, Posy Montague is living in the beautiful family home where she grew up, raised her own children, and spend decades creating a garden she loves. Unfortunately, she’s getting older and the house is crumbling. No matter how many happy memories the house holds, she knows she needs to sell up.

But then, a ghost from her past resurfaces. Freddie, the man who broke her heart half a century ago, is suddenly back on her doorstep – and he’s not the only man giving her trouble. She’s also dealing with her son Sam’s inept business dealings and the sudden reappearance of her son Nick, who’s been in Australia for a decade.

With everything going on, Posy is hesitant to believe in Freddie’s professed feelings – and she might be right to have doubts. It seems both Freddie and her crumbling home have secrets…

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