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Fiercombe Manor

This gothic novel weaves together the stories of two women, separated by decades, but connected through the imposing and mysterious Fiercombe Manor. It uses a dual timeline, navigating between the 1930s and the 1890s, to unravel the secrets hidden within the walls of the manor.

In the 1930s, Alice Eveleigh, a young and pregnant woman, finds refuge at Fiercombe Manor, tucked away in a secluded valley. Sent away to avoid the societal shame of her situation, Alice begins to feel the weight of the manor’s past. As she explores her temporary home, she stumbles upon remnants of the life of Lady Elizabeth Stanton, the woman who once presided over Fiercombe.

Elizabeth’s story, unfolding in the 1890s, mirrors Alice’s in many ways. A woman bound by societal expectations and trapped in a loveless marriage, Elizabeth experiences the strains of motherhood and the pressures to produce an heir. Her life at Fiercombe becomes a poignant tale of desire, despair, and the quest for liberation.

As Alice explores deeper into Elizabeth’s story, she uncovers unsettling truths and becomes determined to unearth the fate of the lady of the manor.

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