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Black Rabbit Hall

Centered around a grand, enigmatic house in Cornwall, this novel intertwines the lives of two families across different decades. The narrative seamlessly alternates between two timelines: the late 1960s, following the Alton family, and the present day, centering on Lorna, a young woman planning her wedding.

The Alton family’s story is full of warmth and idyllic moments as they spend dream-like summers at Black Rabbit Hall. However, their lives take a tragic turn after an accident, leading to big changes and family secrets being buried within the walls of the house. The four Alton children, particularly Amber, struggle as they’re exposed to the harsh realities of loss, love, and the necessity of moving forward.

In the present day, Lorna is drawn to Black Rabbit Hall without really understanding why. As she plans her wedding, she pokes at the mysteries of the past, discovering her own connection to the Alton family’s history. Though weathered by time, the house serves as a bridge between the past and present, holding the secrets and stories of those who once called it home.

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