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Christmas in the Scottish Highlands

Belle Albany, 30 years old, is feeling the sting of loneliness during the holiday season in her quiet Scottish town. Her life hasn’t changed at all since the last Christmas, she’s lost her godmother, and her dreams of finding true love and a bit of holiday enchantment seem to be fading.

Her Christmas takes an unexpected turn when she accidentally runs down an older lady from the village, Edina,bicycle. Feeling more than a little guilty, she dedicates herself to helping the woman while she recovers. What Belle didn’t anticipate was that Edina lives in an old castle and that Edina’s attractive but grumpy grandson, Jack Hamilton-Kirk, would show up to keep an eye on the situation.

Belle is doing her best to make it a great Christmas for everyone, but Jack’s prickly attitude isn’t helping. Despite his Grinchy tendencies, Belle can’t help but feel a spark when they’re together. They bicker over everything from food to music, but she begins to see hints of a gentler side.

Unfortunately, Jack has a secret that might get in the way of their budding relationship. Will this be the Christmas that Belle finds love, or will Jack’s past keep them apart?

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