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The Little Stranger

The Little Stranger transports readers to post-war England, where the once grand Hundreds Hall is now in a state of decline, mirroring the changing fortunes of the Ayres family who inhabit it. Dr. Faraday, a country physician with humble beginnings, finds himself increasingly entwined with the Ayreses as he attempts to unravel the mysterious ailments afflicting both the family and the house itself.

As Dr. Faraday becomes more involved with the Ayres family, he witnesses a series of inexplicable and unsettling events. The once proud matriarch, Mrs. Ayres, her war-scarred son Roderick, and the adventurous daughter Caroline, all seem to be haunted not just by their dwindling status, but by something more sinister lurking within the walls of their ancestral home.

This one’s also a movie, which you can watch HERE. Ruth Jones and Domhnall Gleeson star.

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