Emma Jameson’s Book Series in Order


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Author Emma Jameson is perhaps best known for her New York Times and USA Today bestselling Lord & Lady Hetheridge mystery series. These are not her only books, however, so we wanted to put together a resource page for those interested in finding and reading her work.

About Emma Jameson

Emma Jameson has been writing since childhood, though she didn't attempt a professional writing career until her thirties. The Florida-raised author specialises in books set in the UK, having always had an interest in the country.

Jameson's Lord & Lady Hetheridge books have earned her spots on both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists, and we expect it's just a matter of time until her other series find their way there, too.

Author Emma Jameson's Book Series

To date, Emma Jameson has written three mystery series. You can click on each series to view the complete list of titles in order.

Emma Jameson Resources

Love Emma Jameson's books? Below, we've gathered up a variety of interesting links and resources that will surely be of interest to fans.



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