Emma Jameson’s Lord & Lady Hetheridge Mysteries in Order

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If you enjoy a good cosy mystery, you may also enjoy the fun, cosy-adjacent Lord & Lady Hetheridge series by author Emma Jameson.

Instead of the usual amateur detective and isolated setting, these books feature a Chief Superintendent from Scotland Yard who works primarily in London. He also happens to be a baron.

While the urban setting and police officer push them outside the usual boundaries of cosy mysteries, they're still very similar in tone. They're light on police procedure, and they lack the graphic sex and violence you'd often find in darker, more serious mysteries. These are stories about people and motivations and the puzzle of the mystery – so if that's what you love about cosy mysteries, you'll likely enjoy these.

ALL OF Emma Jameson's Lord & Lady Hetheridge BOOKS IN ORDER

Since it's easy to get lost as you're moving through the series – and many bookstores and websites don't arrange them neatly in order – we wanted to offer up a list of all the books in the series in order. We've also included brief summaries to help you figure out where you left off, along with links to a variety of formats and bookseller options.

Though we've done our best to be vague, there are some very mild spoilers about events in Maisie's life. If you're still on the early books, we recommend not reading too far ahead unless you genuinely don't mind seeing something that might hint at what's to come.

BOOK 1: Ice Blue

Ice Blue

The blue-blooded Anthony Hetheridge, ninth Baron of Wellegrave, will turn sixty soon, and aside from an exciting career working for New Scotland Yard, his life is rather dull. Dull, that is, until he meets DS Kate Wakefield – a strong-willed, beautiful younger woman.

Now, he's working on a murder case in Belgravia while also fighting a growing attraction to his young colleague.

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Book 2: Blue Murder

Blue Murder

This entry sees a Chelsea Halloween party gone terribly wrong. Two men have been killed by axes to the skull, and Chief Superintendent Anthony Hetheridge is sent in to handle the delicate social issues related to the high society case. At the same time, DS Kate Wakefield and her partner will handle the suspects.

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Book 3: Something Blue

Something Blue

Anthony Hetheridge's wedding is just three weeks away, but when a disgraced CEO is murdered in London's West End, he finds himself under tremendous pressure to solve the case quickly. Unfortunately, the victim seems to have had more enemies than friends, and most of them are every bit of as powerful and connected as Hetheridge himself.

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Book 4: Black & Blue

Black & Blue

If anything, it's a surprise that modern art dealer Granville Hardwick wasn't murdered sooner. His gallery is full of questionable works, his dating pool is made up of other men's wives, and his home is the eyesore of an otherwise lovely neighbourhood. All the same, Lord and Lady Hetheridge will do their best to get to the bottom of it – while dealing with challenges at work and on the homefront.

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Book 5: Blue Blooded

Blue Blooded

Anthony Hetheridge is ready for a new challenge. After years of handling cases that involve the rich and powerful, he's left New Scotland Yard and he's working as a private detective. Now, he can pick and choose his cases.

His first big case involves the suicide of Mariah Keene and the simultaneous disappearance of her twin Mark. As he goes undercover to find out what happened to the twins, Tony will find himself struggling to balance home life with his new professional pursuits.

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Book 6: Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas

When a real-life Scrooge is found dead in his mansion, suspects abound. A lot of people had good reasons to want Barnaby Galen dead.

The Christmas season will bring a whole new set of challenges for Lord and Lady Hetheridge as they mix the holiday with a bit of homicide.

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All of Emma Jameson's Lord & Lady Hetheridge Novels in Order

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