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The Windermere Witness

Seeking peace and quiet, Persimmon “Simmy” Brown has sought refuge in the enchanting Lake District where her parents live. Life seems to be getting back on track, and Simmy finds solace in her work as a florist.

Unfortunately, her newfound calm is disrupted when a wedding she’s working at—a lavish affair for a millionaire’s daughter—takes a dark turn. The bride’s brother, Mark Baxter, is found dead in the lake, brutally murdered.

Given her role as the wedding florist and as one of the last people to engage with Mark Baxter, Simmy unwittingly finds herself entangled with the traumatised family members. Everyone seems to have some kind of secret or issue with the deceased—a distant and unapproachable mother, a philandering father, and a bride wedded to a man twenty-five years her senior.

When violence strikes again, suspicion falls upon the groom and his  circle of single friends. Simmy, now a key witness, is thrust into the middle of a homicide investigation that threatens to dismantle a family and cast shadows across an entire community.

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