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Murder in Miniature at Honeychurch Hall

When a body found on the Honeychurch Hall estate proves to be that of a villager who had supposedly moved to Ireland ages ago, the local rumour mill goes into overdrive. Charlie Green had always been a rogue.

Though Charlie’s demise happened well before Kat’s arrival, Kat finds herself drawn into the mystery after she finds two rare miniature portraits hidden inside a custom-made dollhouse of Honeychurch Hall.

Then, Charlie’s aunt dies after taking a fall and suspicion lands on a stranger who is holidaying in the newly installed shepherd’s hut in the walled garden – one of Lady Lavinia’s latest hare-brained moneymaking schemes. The tourist is fishy, but Kat believes the real culprit is a ellow antique dealer. With tales of blackmail, infidelity and greed gripping the small community, past and present collide and Kat realises that the miniatures harbour a secret someone’s willing to kill over.

Published: 2006
Book: 8

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