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The Thursday Murder Club (2020)

In the peaceful Cooper's Chase retirement community in southeastern England, four friends come together each week for a meeting of the Thursday Murder Club – a group that discusses unsolved crimes. It seems like a bit of harmless fun to keep their minds active, but that will soon change…

When a local developer is found murdered and in possession of a mysterious photograph, they'll find themselves up close and personal with a very real, very current homicide investigation. Will their combined skills be enough to solve the murder before too many more bodies pile up?

This book introduces us to a colourful cast of characters that includes…

  • Joyce Meadowcroft – A former nurse and frequent narrator of the book. She is a member of the Thursday Murder Club.
  • Elizabeth – The founder of the Thursday Murder Club – and a woman with an intriguing past
  • Stephen – Elizabeth's third and current husband, who is suffering from dementia
  • Ibrahim – A former psychiatrist and current member of the Thursday Murder Club
  • Ron Ritchie – A former union leader and current member of the Thursday Murder Club
  • Donna De Freitas – A police officer who is (benevolently) used by the members of the Thursday Murder Club
  • Bogdan Jankowsi – A Polish immigrant who works in construction and has all sorts of interesting talents
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In the aftermath of their recent murder case, the members of the Thursday Murder Club are settling in for a bit of much needed rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, the arrival of a visitor – an old friend of Elizabeth's – sees their peaceful existence upended once again.

Elizabeth's friend reveals he's been accused of stealing millions in diamonds, and he's desperate for her help. Before too long, bodies are piling up and the friends find themselves in serious danger.

Memorable Quotes from The Man Who Died Twice…

  • “More women are murdering people these days,” says Joyce. “If you ignore the context, it is a real sign of progress.”
  • We are all gone in the blink of an eye, and there is nothing to do but live while you’re waiting.


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Trouble is becoming a habit for the members of the Thursday Murder Club. They find themselves hot on the trail of two murders that took place ten years apart – and Elizabeth is assigned a deadly mission. Kill, or be killed.

To catch the culprit and prevent their friend from becoming a murderer, the gang will collaborate with everyone from TV stars to money launderers to ex-KGB colonels. Nothing like a quiet retirement, eh?

Memorable Quotes from The Bullet That Missed…

  • Everyone wants to feel special, but nobody wants to feel different.
  • It was best to grab everything while you could. Who knows when your final swim might come, your final walk, your final kiss?
  • At one point he brushed my hand and there was electricity, but I think that was the combination of the deep carpet outside the restaurant and my new cardigan.
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It's Christmas time at Cooper's Chase, and it's anything but relaxing. On Boxing Day, a dangerous package is smuggled across the English coast. When it goes missing, chaos is unleashed.

Soon, bodies are piling up – including one close to the Thursday Murder Club members – and they find themselves facing down their deadliest opponents yet.

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