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Last Bus to Woodstock

In Oxford, two young women eagerly await a bus to take them to the neighboring town of Woodstock. However, as they grow impatient with the delay, they make a fateful decision to hitch a lift instead. Tragically, their evening takes a horrifying turn when, later that night, one of them, Sylvia Kaye, is discovered lifeless and seemingly assaulted in the car park of the Black Prince pub in Woodstock.

Thursday afternoon’s edition of the Oxford Mail is dominated by the dramatic news of Sylvia Kaye’s untimely demise. By Friday evening, Inspector Morse made a nationwide announcement, revealing the urgent search for a dangerous man facing grave accusations of wilful murder, sexual assault, and rape.

Yet, as the days pass and the obvious leads lose their luster, Morse finds himself increasingly drawn to a different theory. Amidst the encroaching twilight and shadows of the investigation, he becomes firmly convinced that passion, in all its complexities, is the vital element that holds the key to unraveling the chilling mystery…

Published: 1975
Book: 1

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