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Murder at Morrington Hall

Spring of 1905: With a spirit as wild as the Thoroughbreds she rides across the expanses of Kentucky, Stella seizes adventure with both hands when she’s invited to a mysterious wedding in rural England. However, upon her arrival at the opulent estate of Morrington Hall, she is met with a chilling revelation. Her distant and ambitious father discloses his intentions to not only bestow his finest racehorses as presents but also to barter his daughter in marriage to the financially beleaguered son of the Earl of Atherly.

Stella stands defiant, unwilling to be traded away like a horse. Yet, in spite of a tumultuous beginning, there is something captivating about her intended, the charmingly rakish Viscount “Lyndy” Lyndhurst. Against all odds, the pair find themselves on a surprisingly harmonious path… until the inconvenient discovery of the vicar’s dead body in the library.

As the two families clash in a cultural standoff, a sinister murder case casts a dark shadow over Morrington Hall. Now, Stella and Lyndy must transition from betrothed partners to detectives, joining forces to uncover the truth and safeguard their future together.

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