14 Delightful New British Cozy Mysteries in July 2022


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Each month, thousands of new books flood the market, making it hard to find exactly the books you want to read. To help you find the latest cozy (or cosy, depending on your US/UK spelling preferences) mysteries coming out in July 2022.

Not sure what a cozy mystery is? Basically, they're books – or TV shows – which offer a kinder, gentler murder mystery. They don't go deeply inside the killer's most gruesome thoughts, they don't describe the death in excruciating detail, and they aren't full of swearing and sex.

In most cases, cozies have an amateur sleuth – though there are a few rare cases (like the Hamish Macbeth series) where a police professional solves the cases. Though there are a few rare exceptions, most of these types of novels are set in small towns, villages, and out of the way places. Occasionally, you'll see one set within a small community or sub-culture within a city, but that's not very common. Sometimes, you see it with historical mysteries or mysteries where the sleuth is a member of the clergy.

If you like proper police procedure and twisted serial killers, this is not the genre for you. On the other hand, if you like the feeling of dwelling amongst a group of friends you can come back to over and over, you should definitely give cozies a try. They offer a lovely balance of character and puzzle, and they aren't likely to leave you dreaming of horrific death at the hands of a serial killer.

14 Delightful British Cozy Mysteries Coming Out in July 2022

You can click the name of any title below to get to its Amazon page. Though we've linked to ebook formats in most cases, once you're on Amazon you can select the format you prefer (based on availability).

New British Cozy Mysteries on July 1

New British Cozy Mysteries on July 5

New British Cozy Mysteries on July 7

New British Cozy Mysteries on July 8

New British Cozy Mysteries on July 11

New British Cozy Mysteries on July 12

New British Cozy Mysteries on July 26

New British Cozy Mysteries on July 29

  • In the Frame (Cherringham: Mystery Shorts Book 42) by Matthew Costello & Neil Richards
  • The Creek (Summer Suspense Book 2) by LJ Ross

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New British Cozy Mysteries Launching in July 2022

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