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The Postscript Murders

The death of a nonagenarian with a heart ailment shouldn’t raise eyebrows. Indeed, when Natalka, Peggy Smith’s caretaker, reports her death, Detective Sergeant Harbinder Kaur initially dismisses any foul play.

Yet, Natalka had a peculiar observation to share: while sorting Peggy’s belongings, she stumbled upon a collection of crime novels, each personally dedicated to Peggy. More intriguingly, every psychological thriller carried an enigmatic note: PS: for PS.

The plot thickens when an intruder attempts to steal one of these books, and its author meets a tragic fate soon after. This series of events nudges Kaur to reconsider Peggy’s demise.

From literary gatherings in Aberdeen to Edinburgh’s bustling lanes, writers are being targeted. As Kaur journeys across Europe to unravel the mystery, she contemplates the eerie accuracy with which authors craft their fictional crimes.

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