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The Phantom Tree

In “The Phantom Tree,” Nicola Cornick crafts a compelling historical novel entwining the fates of two women separated by centuries but connected by an ancient mystery. The story unfolds as Alison Bannister, a woman from the 16th century, finds herself stranded in present-day England. Desperately searching for a way back to her own time and her lost son, Alison discovers a portrait of her friend, Mary Seymour, in an art gallery, which holds the potential clues to her predicament.

Mary Seymour, the daughter of Queen Katherine Parr and step-daughter to King Henry VIII, grapples with her own turbulent life, marked by the visions that isolate her from others. Her story, set in the aftermath of the Tudor era, reveals a world of intrigue, power struggles, and supernatural occurrences. As Alison unravels Mary’s story in the present, she uncovers secrets about their shared past and the enigmatic ‘phantom tree’ that holds the key to Alison’s return journey.

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