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My Sister the Serial Killer

Though set in Nigeria, we include this novel because author Oyinkan Braithwaite is British-Nigerian and has called both Nigeria and the UK home.

Ayoola, Korede’s sister, is a myriad of things: the favored daughter, a breathtaking beauty, and possibly, a sociopath. Now, for the third time, a boyfriend of Ayoola’s has met his end, victim to her blade.

Korede’s pragmatism has always been their lifeline. She’s good at erasing evidence (a good amount of bleach is key), proficient in the art of discreetly handling a corpse (enshrouded like a mummy), and ensures Ayoola refrains from social media when she ought to be grieving her “vanished” beau.

For a while now, Korede has harbored feelings for a compassionate and attractive doctor she works with. She envisions a moment when he’ll see they’re meant for each other. However, when he seeks Ayoola’s contact information, Korede has to come to terms with what her sister really is.

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