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73 Dove Street

When Edie Budd steps into a worn-down West London boarding house in October 1958, armed only with a tattered suitcase and an envelope filled with money, her demeanor hints at a dark secret. She’s not alone in harboring mysteries, though. Everyone at 73 Dove Street seems to have one.

On the second floor is Tommie, who spends her days attending to the unusual Mrs. Vee. But once night falls, she’s a slave to the gritty allure of Soho’s nightlife and a man she can’t seem to turn away from.

The building’s stern landlady, Phyllis, recently set her husband’s possessions ablaze after uncovering a devastating betrayal. Behind her strong facade, however, lurks a history she’d rather remain unspoken.

Initially, the trio keeps their distance, each locked in their private worlds. But as Edie’s hidden past begins to pursue her, Tommie finds herself entangled in a tangled web of deceit. A decision looms, one that promises to alter everything in their interwoven lives…

Praise for 73 Dove Street

‘A vivid and propulsive story of three women and three dangerous secrets, 73 Dove Street so brillaintly and evocatively captures Soho in the 50s that I really feel I was there’ – Sophie Irwin

‘Powerful, poignant and so beautifully drawn – every single scene comes alive’ – Frances Quinn

‘A corker. It’s the story of three working class women in 1950’s London. It’s so evocative, you can *smell* the gas fires, the lard, the perfume, the talc, the gin. It’s bleakly honest about women’s lot at the time (not so very long ago) and the tale is deftly woven. I loved how the strands came together, very satisfying’ – Kate Sawyer

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