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The Dentist

Detective Sergeant George Cross of Bristol is assigned to probe into the mysterious demise of a homeless individual, uncovering a connection to a chilling unsolved murder from years earlier.

DS George Cross is autistic, and that’s both a strength and a weakness in his professional life. Known for his rude, challenging, and often uncomfortable interactions, DS George Cross is not the easiest person to work with. However, his relentless commitment to logic and pursuit of the truth has earned him the highest conviction rate in the force. He’s excellent at spotting connections, and he isn’t easily swayed by the opinions of those around him – not without evidence, anyway.

The discovery of an unknown man’s weathered corpse on Clifton Downs raises many questions for Cross. What tragic events led this man to a life on the streets, and ultimately to his death?

As Cross digs deeper into the history of the deceased, he becomes increasingly certain that the key to solving this homicide lies in unraveling a cold case murder that has gone unpunished for fifteen years. A murderer has been lurking in the shadows, and it’s up to Cross to bring them to justice.

Published: 2021
Book: 1

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