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Amy Cross's The Haunting of Hadlow House Books in Order


In 1689 Kent, Richard Hadlow desires a happy family and a peaceful home. He's built what seems to be the perfect house, but even the most perfectly-laid plans can go tragically wrong.

England's turmoil with a pretender vying for the throne doesn't concern Richard; he only cares about finding the perfect wife. But something at Hadlow House has different intentions, and it may lead to the destruction of everything he holds dear.

Despite being brand new, strange whispers and unexplained noises haunt Hadlow House. Uncertainty looms as to whether Richard's new wife, Rebecca, is imagining things or if a dark secret from the past will bring his worst nightmare to life.

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Hadlow House has been vacant since the tragic events that claimed its first owner's life. Now, a new family moves in, filling the once dormant halls with life. Yet, lingering echoes of the past hide in the shadows.

Initially idyllic, the house soon reveals cracks. Faint voices echo, leaving uncertainty—do they threaten or warn? As the truth unravels, Hadlow House may claim yet another victim.

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Escaping a haunted house is not always possible. Tragic echoes persist in Hadlow House even after almost a century, tormenting and unsettling its residents. For some, this haunting existence has become their norm.

Catherine longs to break free from the oppressive atmosphere. Seeking refuge in the nearby village, she hopes to leave the ghosts behind. However, she soon learns that some ghosts are inescapable…

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Everyone in Cobblefield knows better than to go near the old Hadlow House. The house has a horrifying history of violence, with the most recent incidents occurring just a quarter of a century earlier. Many residents can vividly remember the tragedies of the past.

When two young girls go missing and some suggest they may have been heading out to Hadlow House for an adventure, villagers fear the worst – especially since one of those girls happens to be the great-granddaughter of one of the house's earliest victims.

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