All of JD Kirk’s Robert Hoon Thriller Books in Order

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If you've read JD Kirk's DCI Jack Logan book series, you'll be well familiar with the name “Bob Hoon”. The foul-mouthed former police officer pops up in a number of Jack Logan novels, ultimately spawning his own series.

Please note: This series is not for those who are easily offended. Bob Hoon takes swearing to an entirely new level, offering some of the most creatively profane passages we've ever encountered in novels. If you can laugh at that sort of thing, you'll love these books.

All of JD Kirk's Robert Hoon Thriller Books in Order

A canalside location in London factors heavily into the early Bob Hoon books

Because the Hoon books spawn from the Jack Logan books, you may wish to combine the two series and read them in the order they're woven together. Though we've collected all the Hoon books in order (below), this is the order you'll need if you want to read both series in the order of the larger timeline:

  • Logan #1 – A Litter of Bones
  • Logan #2 – Thicker Than Water
  • Logan #3 – The Killing Code
  • Logan #4 – Blood and Treachery
  • Logan #5 – The Last Bloody Straw
  • Logan #6 – A Whisper of Sorrows
  • Logan #7 – The Big Man Upstairs
  • Logan #8 – A Death Most Monumental
  • Logan #9 – A Snowball’s Chance in Hell
  • Logan #10 – Ahead of the Game
  • Logan #11 – An Isolated Incident
  • Hoon #1 – Northwind
  • Logan #12 – Colder Than the Grave
  • Logan #13 – Come Hell or High Water
  • Hoon #2 – Southpaw
  • Logan #14 – City of Scars
  • Hoon #3 – Westward
  • Logan #15 – Here Lie the Dead
  • Hoon #4 – Eastgate 
  • Logan #16 – One For the Ages
  • DI Filson #1 – The One That Got Away
  • Logan #17 – In Service of Death
  • Logan #18 – A Dead Man Walking

Bob Hoon Book 1 | Northwind

Northwind (2021)

Bob Hoon is a mess. Fired from his job amidst scandal, shunned by his colleagues, and working a dead end job, he's the picture of failure. That's when a face from the past turns up. 

A friend from his Special Forces days needs help. His daughter has been missing for months, and the police are no help.

Now, Hoon has a purpose – and not a whole lot to lose.

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Bob Hoon Book 2 | Southpaw

Southpaw (2022)

Since starting his search for an old colleague's missing daughter, Bob Hoon has made a powerful enemy – the Loop, a secretive criminal cabal with members in high places. To take them apart, he's going undercover inside the organisation.

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Bob Hoon Book 3 | Westward

Westward (2022)

Bob Hoon has landed a blow against the Loop, and they're none too pleased about it. Now, he's being targeted by the Alphas, an elite squad of assassins with seemingly unlimited resources and determination to kill him.

Outnumbered and outgunned, his only chance at survival lies several hundred miles north in a remote place he knows better than anyone. Decades after he left, Hoon is going home.

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Bob Hoon Book 4 | Eastgate

Eastgate (2022)

After a challenging year, Bob Hoon is looking forward to a quiet Christmas at home. Unfortunately, the universe has other plans. 

His routine trip to the Eastgate Shopping Centre in Inverness is interrupted by a gang of heavily armed Santas. With his sister and old army friend IRIS are taken hostage, he'll have no choice but to take action.

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Will There be More Robert Hoon Books in the Series?

Unfortunately, author JD Kirk has stated that Eastgate will be the final Bob Hoon thriller. We're hopeful he'll change his mind (there's still so much he could do with the series), but of course we understand there might be more to his life goals than coming up with creative obscenities. 

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